Flowers, For Me?

You know that thing when someone likes you they might bring you flowers? What are you waiting for? Buy yourself some damn flowers! I think it's just as lovely, if not more so. After all, you get to chose the ones you like most (Peonies and tulips for me),...

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May 2018 Style Inspiration

Aging is a part of life - no matter how healthily you eat, or how much you exercise, laugh, and meditate. I think getting older is all about attitude. That's why my eighty-year-old friend and client Anne is my style inspiration for this month. I gave her a...

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Summer is Coming

Summer is just around the corner, and I can't wait! While being in the sun feels great and gets one dosed up on vitamin D, it's not so great for your hair. Salt water and chlorine are also big no-nos. They dry the heck out of your hair! While I wouldn't...

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